Life Journey of Pujya Shri Jalaram Bapa

Born of 1st month of the year, Kartik sud “7” vikram Samvat 1856, Monday 4th November 1799 in Virpur (Saurashtra, Gujarat / Village in Lohana Community). His parents were Shri Pradhan Thakker & Pujya Raj bai Maa.

At the age of ten years in Samvat 1866 he joined his uncle Valjibhai who was having a shop in the village.

At the age of 14 years in samvat 1870 as per hindu tradition he wore “Janoi” a thread of “Sanskar”.

In Samvat 1872 when he was sixteen, got married to Veerbai daughter of Shri Pragji Somaiya & Life got Momentum.

After Two years in Samvat 1874 he left for pilgrimage of ‘Chardham’ with his wife Veerbai.

In Vikram Samvat year 1876 Fourth Month (Maha) Monday 18th November 1820 he opened “Sadavrat – Anna Kshetra i.e Food Distributing centre in Virpur. He was affectionately called “JALIYA” ”Jalaram Bapa ”. people had high respect for him.

From Samvat 1878 people irrespective of castes Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi, Christian gave him the title “Jalla tu Allah” means Jalaram you are God. Thus people started coming to see him with devotion. i.e visited for his Darshan.

In Samvat 1886, God decided to test his sincerity. In the form of Monk (Sadhu), God came at his door step and asked for his wife Veerbai Maa for the service of Mankind. Jalaram Bapa didn’t hesitate for a moment also. He handed over his wife. God only wanted to test him. Jalaram Bapa proved Worthy. As a result , the Monk returned his wife gracefully and as a token of “Gift of God” gave him “Akshay zholi and Dharma Dhoka (i.e. a Long bag which can never be empty and a hand supporting Stick) and then Monk Vanished.

In Samvat 1901 in the court of Maharaja Shri Ranmalji of Jamnagar, Cloth Donation (Vastra Dan) at the hands of Shri Jalaram Bapa was arranged. More and more people came to take cloths. But there was no scarcity of cloths. Whatever number of people came but these cloths remained surplus. This was really a miracle, there are so many such Parchas (Miracles) of him people came across.

There were chains of Parcha’s (Miracles) of Jalaram Bapa. In Vikram Samvat 1904 one more Glorious Parcha (Miracle) people experienced. Shri Jivraj Wadalia of Village Galol used to give alms of food to the needy, hungry people. By the time the vessels of grain became empty, Jalaram bapa took the respectful visit. He just touched the vessels with his own stick, dhoka and then these vessels never became empty. People gave a cry of victory and then saluted Jalaram Bapa. Such Parchas (Miracles) went on and On
In Vikram Samvat year 1935, on 9th day of Kartik, first month, i.e 18th November 1878 venerable, Pujya Veerbai maa concluded her life journey on the earth and set out for heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu.

In Vikram Samvat year 1937 on 25th day of fourth month MAHA i.e Wednesday 23rd Feburary 1881, at the age of 81 while giving food alms and constantly singing bhajans venerable Pujya shri Jalaram Bapa wound up his life journey on the earth and made his permanent place in the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu.
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